Physical Resources of Civil Engineering Program among Government Universities in Eastern Visayas Region, Philippines

Benedicto T. Militante


Utilizing purposive sampling technique to identify the current status of civil engineering programs among government-owned universities in eastern Visayas region, the researcher identified 47 respondents where analyses of their perception on the physical plant and facilities are anchored. Five engineering fields served as major areas of appraisal to include Elementary and Higher Surveying, Soil Mechanics, Hydraulics, Fluid Mechanics and Material Testing and. A 5- point Likert scale was introduced to appraise the physical facilities of engineering programs among the identified universities with regards to the status of implementation. Findings revealed that VSU got the highest PS and MOOE having the facilities needed in this major subject having facilities being utilized in agricultural engineering. NSU has the latest equipment with regards to the major subjects. Notably, EVSU and UEP had the equipment, but need upgrading. On the other hand, in the implementation of Physical Facilities in the laboratories, under Elementary and Higher Surveying, VSU obtained Very Satisfactory. SSU had the updated facilities and equipment funded abroad likewise utilized for research. NSU showed to have a Very Satisfactory Fluid Mechanics, likewise for VSU, while EVSU yielded the least. In Hydraulics, VSU analyzed to have Very Satisfactory. SSU showed to be Excellent while UEP gave an opposite findings in Material Testing. In Soil Mechanics, SSU gained excellent as that compared to UEP which obtained the least. In determining on the status of implementation of the physical resources of Civil Engineering program and the difference among SUCs, Kruskal-Wallis One-Way Analysis of Variance was utilized.
Keywords: adequacy; implementation; significance; physical plant; physical facilities; physical resources management; specializations

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